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Municipal Law

Municipal regulation frequently hits close to home. Land use (zoning), platting and subdivision of land into lots, building codes and permits, eminent domain, property maintenance, nuisance abatement and storm water runoff are only a few of the many subjects regulated at the municipal level. Moreover, each municipality has its own unique code and enforcement policy. Legal representation can help you determine how local regulations may impact your business or real property or assist you when these regulations unexpectedly affect your activities.

Robert D. Hemphill can assist in securing zoning changes required for new business operations such as manufacturing or industrial facilities or commercial development. Representation can be undertaken reporting to in-house counsel or directly to management. He can also assist with land use issues such as subdivision plat approval, exceptions from development standards required for particular tracts of land and proceedings involving the termination of nonconforming uses (land uses which were legal when begun but not permitted under subsequently adopted zoning ordinances).

The firm also represents property owners in proceedings to enforce building and other city codes, disputes over municipal employment and other contracts, utility services, open meetings and open records requests.