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Wherever possible, client objectives are achieved through negotiation and other litigation alternatives. When necessary, the firm moves aggressively to secure the client’s rights in court. Attorney Robert D. Hemphill has been counsel of record in several hundred cases in state and county courts in Dallas and surrounding counties, the US District Courts and bankruptcy courts for the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas, at both the trial and appellate level.


Representative business cases the firm handles include collections on accounts, professional negligence, negotiable instruments and promissary notes, breach of contract, enforcement or defense of non-compete clauses, wrongful termination and other employment disputes, trade secrets, prosecution or defense of deceptive trade practice claims, premises liability, nuisance abatement, property seizures, and business torts (negligent misrepresentation, fraud, business disparagement, tortious interference with business contracts and relationships).

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation includes evictions in commercial or residential properties, other landlord-tenant disputes, deceptive trade practice claims from non-disclosure or misrepresentation, boundary disputes, zoning, inverse condemnation, suits over flooding and drainage problems arising from improper land development or construction, nuisance abatement relating to improper property maintenance or excessive noise, and disputes over priority or enforcement of mortgages and mechanics liens.

Municipal Litigation

Municipal litigation includes such matters as disputes over taking or seizure of property, validity or enforceability of zoning and other ordinances, negligence of municipal employees under the Texas Tort Claims Act, constitutional and civil rights claims under 42 U.S.C. §1983, open records and open meetings questions, wrongful termination from public employment and administrative proceedings involving zoning and annexation.

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